14 juin 2012

ORYNX 2 J-M Van Schouwburg SOLO VOICE

Here two tracks with Sureau trio & Audrey Lauro live in the studio  : 

ORYNX 2 J-M Van Schouwburg SOLO VOICE

Here  is a fresh recording of 17 solo voice tracks ( London Walthamstow 22nd september ) mixed and edited by Luc Van Schouwburg on Soundcloud.

Looking forward a label eventually. Some new tracks were recorded fairly recently and my brother Luc has worked on the sound and editing. It seems that this new solo album will be issued on Bead Records, the label of violin great Philip Wachsmann.

Oscillations n° 2 by Sàndor Györffy : the logo of the Orynx solo performance.

Some recordings of different gigs or sessions with  L Casserley, 876 trio w Marcello Magliocchi & Matthias Boss, trio Sureau w Kris & Jean Demey and solo pieces 

Here some videos on youtube :

With Sabu Toyozumi percussion  and Pascal Marzan guitar (Brussels Ateliers Mommen 22 juin 2012)

MouthWind with Lawrence Casserley live signal processing (London Vortex/ Mopomoso september 2010) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IriH7fyIrZE
Solo voice in Paris june 2010 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K99dYyCERKQ 

Duo with Marjolaine Charbin (London Vortex / Mopomoso january 2009) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FGuiw1If6 

Performance with Katalin Ladik & Pàl Toth for the premiere of Berberian Sound Sudio (Budapest Cirko Geysir september 2012)

As a voice foley artist in the awarded BSS movie directed by Peter Strickland and  featured in the BSS trailer.

Trio Sureau with JM Van Schouwburg voice, Jean Demey double bass and Kris Vanderstraeten percussion : 

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