1 mai 2013

the liste... ning list a-ning ..... near summer

a listening list of fresh improvised musics from all over the scenes 

The Aerobatics : 
the Pancake Tour : Urs Leimgruber & Roger Turner Relative Pitch Records RPR / 007
Schmetterling : Simon Rose Baritone sax solos NotTwo MW 855-2
Vaincu.Va! Evan Parker Live at Western Front 1978 (solo soprano) vinyl

Ende mit Brötzophon :
up and down the lion - revised : Peter Brötzmann Alexander von Schlippenbach Sven - Ake Johansson Olof Bright OBCD 26
bRötzm bEnnink Total Music Meeting 1977 Berlin brö - B

Conducted Composed Contemporary Jazz Large Ensemble (please  forget other bands) : 
Positions & Descriptions Simon H Fell Composition No . 75 SFE Clean Feed CF230CD
w. Tim Berne, Steve Beresford, Mark Sanders, Rhodri Davies, Chris Batchelor, Philip Thomas, Joe Morris, Alex Ward, Jim Denley etc... recorded Huddersfield
... less Conducted ..... : 
hasselt Evan Parker Electro Acoustic Ensemble Psi 12.03
w Evan Parker, Lawrence Casserley, Phil Wachsmann, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton, Agusti Fernandez, Peter Evans, Richard Barrett, Paul Obermayer, Walter Prati , Joel Ryan, Ned Rothenberg

Sight improvised music :
Blind Date Quartet Angelika Sheridan, Ulrike Storzt, Scott Roller John Hollenbeck gpe records time zone TZ794

Dialogues : 
5 More Dialogues Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston Emanem 5017
Dialogues in Two Places Veryan Weston & Trevor Watts Hi4head records 2012
Songs From Badly Lit Rooms Benedict Taylor and Tom Jackson Squib Box cd

John Cage 100th Birthday Gift :
Bouquet Charlotte Hug & Frédéric Blondy Emanem 5026

The Great Bead Album with Strings
The Imaginary String Trio : Bruno Guastalla cello, Dominic Lash double bass, Philip Wachsmann, violin Bead CDO8SP

The Greatest Sound Object Joint Vinyl :
Spontaneous Composition Generator Paul Metzger / Concerning The Other Condition Milo Fine Nero's Neptune NN 012

The Limited Edition Art Object Sound Box :
Audiotropism Hal Rammel Thomas Gaudinsky Steve Nelson Raney Necessary Arts ( Edition 20/33) including bonus CD, inserts, artwork, print photos & texts....

Mediterranean Currents :
Tidal Amphidromic Cotidal A Windy Season : Gianni Mimmo Angelo Contini Mirio Cosottini Alessio Pisani Amirani AMRN 033
Old School New School No School Wind Trio Joao Pedro Viegas Paulo Chagas Paulo Curado Creative Sources CS224CD
Turbulent Flow Gianni Mimmo Daniel Levin Amirani AMRN 032

Democratically speaking :
Almost Even Further 6 i x Jacques Demierre Okkyung Lee Urs Leimgruber Thomas Lehn Dorothea Schurch Roger Turner Leo records CD LR 644

Lo' and Behold :
The Lamp Asunder Trio Hasse Poulsen Paul Dunmall Mark Sanders  1kg 023 

Jazz vécu tradition :
L'Etang Change (mais les poissons sont toujours là) François Tusquès improvising beings ib15

Chamanic :
Black Sky K-Space Gendos Chamzyrin Tim Hodgkinson Ken Hyder Setola di Maiale SM2410

I think that I have forgotten some, but it poured rain in Arles since last saturday until I came home...

the most sought after item by now but found afterwards : 
Requiem for a baby grand  Hans Koch Thomas Lehn Ben Patterson Jozef Cseres Panrec PANDVD07/Heyermears Discorbie DVD 013 . 
Great to have a Jozef C / Ben Patterson visual / conceptual performance to look in company of such improvisors as Thomas and Hans.  

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