19 août 2014

A Glottal Allowance Jean - Michel Van Schouwburg 45rpm + Down Neck remix by Andrew Liles on Peter Strickland 's Peripheral Conserve pH23

A Glottal Allowance Jean Michel Van Schouwburg / Down Neck Remix by Andrew Liles.
7" 45 rpm Peripheral Conserve pH-23 2014 . Download included. 

A Glottal Allowance is a solo voice performance of Jean - Michel Van Schouwburg recorded in Budapest by Puha Szabolcs in february 2014 , edited and produced by Peter Strickland and J-M Van Schouwburg. There is two multi tracked sequences ( two voices simultaneously) and the music is focusing on low throat voice (sung IN the throat), invented languages, fast articulation and some extended vocal techniques. Down Neck on side B  is a remix of the vocals of J-M VS by Andrew Liles www.andrewliles.com using his own dynamic processing.

Here the link to the sounds  https://soundcloud.com/jean-michelvanschouwburg/a-glottal-allowance

Down Neck Side B remix by Andrew Liles https://soundcloud.com/jean-michelvanschouwburg/down-neck-andrew-liles-remix-of-a-glottal-allowance

A solo performance Video of Orynx Voice Solo of Jean - Michel VS :

The artwork is made by Kris Vanderstraeten, a belgian graphic artist who is also playing percussion with Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg and Jean Demey in their Trio SUREAU.

Available in Brussels in Hors Série rue du Midi 67 / Kosmyk Music Marché au Charbon 57 / Collector's rue de la Bourse 26 / "72" rue du Midi 72 à 1000 Bruxelles. In Paris's Souffle Continu rue Gerbier 22 75011 Paris.
Peter Strickland and Jean Michel Van Schouwburg during the shooting of Berberian Sound Studio's teaser in Budapest 2010
Also of interest : two very short tracks of the TRIO 876 of Marcello Magliocchi percussion Matthias Boss violin and myself J-M VS  voice  

A White Noise Generator production. 

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