1 juin 2015

Some free Improvisation's AVAILABLE recommended recordings

There are so many recordings issued in the field of free improvised music since the heydays that, for a newcomer who hasn't much money to spend, it is almost a nightmare to select the most significant documents. Some recordings from the same artist are quite special more than others and many players have made an evolution along the years. There are also great recordings  now unavailable. By example the duos of Paul Lovens and Paul Lytton on Po Torch or Fred Van Hove's improvising groups w Wachsmann, Charig etc... were never reissued or the fabled London Concert of Evan Parker and Derek Bailey (Incus 16) reissued on Psi and now sold out. 

So there are here some tips for "historic" albums still in stock and I suggest that one should order them from the label itself or from dedicated militant mail order service like Improjazz, Open Door, Metamkine etc...

Derek Bailey Lot 74  (Incus 12 lp)   Incus CD57   http://www.incusrecords.force9.co.uk/catalogue/general2.html    amazing solo recording of 1974 using the stereo amplification with the two volume  pedals. Cover art by Leonardo da Vinci.
Derek Bailey Lace Emanem CD 4013 
http://www.emanemdisc.com/E4013.html  The only acoustic Derek Bailey solo available ! Amazing. 

Paul Rutherford Solo in Berlin 1975  Emanem CD 4144  http://www.emanemdisc.com/E4144.html  Paul Rutherford 's best solo concert performances recorded in FMP's Workshop Freie Musik & Total Music Meeting. His seminal solo album The Gentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie (Emanem 3305) was made from three different solo concerts in 1974 at Unity Theatre : Emanem CD 4019 http://www.emanemdisc.com/E4019.html 

John Stevens /Trevor Watts /Derek Bailey Dynamics of the Impromptu FMR CD360 http://fmr-records.com/pdffiles/FMRCD360.pdf
Although not actually listed as a Spontaneous Music Ensemble recording, Dynamics is a perfect example of the SME gig proceedings, very well recorded by Martin Davidson, with all SME ingredrents :  recorded in the mythic Little Theatre Club,  John Stevens' SME baby drumkit, Trevor Watts' s soprano sax (also a SME instrument) and Derek Bailey's acoustic and electric stereo guitar with TWO volume pedals... 

Howard Riley /Barry Guy /Tony Oxley Synopsys 1973 (Incus 13) Emanem CD  4044
The most far out trio and seminal combination from  these three exceptional players.   

Gunther Christmann / Phil Minton For Friend(s) and Neighbour(s) 2002 Concept of Doings - Edition Explico cod 008 / explico 12

Phil Minton / Roger Turner AMMO 1982 Leo Records (LR106)  GY 22 . Their very first album and the very first album where Phil Minton does free improvising singing with a colleague in a current group.

Evan Parker / Paul Rutherford / Hans Schneider / Paul Lytton  Waterloo 1985  Emanem CD 4030 . One 65 ' piece with all possible combinations and amazing interplay reuniting Parker and Rutherford. The last recording of Paul Lytton with is "chinese drum mighty kit".

Alex von Schlippenbach quartet w. Evan Parker Peter Kowald & Paul Lovens Hunting the Snake  1975  Atavistic Unheard Music Series

Brötzmann Van Hove Bennink 1973  "FMP 0130"   (FMP 0130 ) Atavistic Unheard Music Series . The craziest free improv recording ever ! Surrealist !

Fred Van Hove Passing Waves solo 1998 Nuscope 1001
Spraak & Roll  2004 WimPro acht/negen ... amazing piano solo ...

Birgit Uhler / Ulrich Philipp / Roger Turner  Umlaut 2000 NurNichtNur. One of the very best improvisation libre recording of its time.

Paul Hubweber / Ulli Blöbel  Schnack 3 Nur Nicht Nur 
The greatest live signal processing / instrument real time duo ever !

  Conceits  Acta label vinyl lp 1988 reissued by Emanem : John Butcher/ John Russell / Phil Durrant first album !

News From The Shed : same trio augmented by Paul Lovens and Radu Malfatti 1989 issued by Acta and reissued by Emanem ! The second is a pure gem !

Evan Parker - Barry Guy 's Obliquities Maya  1995 

Phil Wachsmann - Teppo Hauta Aho August Step Bead CD  104

Daunik Lazro - Phil Minton Alive at Sonorités Emouvance émv 1021 

IST : Rhodri Davies - Simon H Fell - Mark Wastell  Berlin Confront CCS 

IKB Ensemble Monochrome Bleu Sans Titre Creative Sources CS 223

Veryan Weston & Jon Rose Temperaments Emanem 4207

Barre Phillips Journal Violone 2 Emouvance

Evan Parker Solo The Snake Decides Psi reissue

Paul Hubweber Tromboneos NurNicht Nur

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