20 novembre 2011

Johannes Rosenberg's list of Recommended String Improvisations Recordings

"Rosenberg's Recommended String Improvisations"

compiled by Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Director Archives Sonores du Fonds Rosenberg, Brussels  and following Johannes Rosenberg’s Chamber Music Classification. This list is focused on string instruments' musics and was selected by the Rosenberg auto-archive system revived by a member of the scientific staff of the Rosenberg Museum, formerly located in Violin, Slovakia.
Johannes Rosenberg was a legendary violinist, visionary composer and freak-out athlete ahead of his time. Informations about Johannes Rosenberg’s life, works and memorabilia could be found here :   www.jonroseweb.com

Tchaïkovsky’s Category (violin & piano )

Soil  Malcolm Goldstein, violine & Masashi Harada, piano     Emanem
Ebro  Christoph Irmer, violine & Agusti Fernandez, piano        Hybrid
Two to Tangle  Nigel Coombes, violine & Steve Beresford, piano    Emanem
Gravitationnal Systems   Mat Maneri, violine & Matthew Shipp, piano   Hatology
Bouquet  Charlotte Hug viola & Fréderic Blondy piano        Emanem
the Lucca and Bologna concerts  Szilárd Mezei viola & Nicolà Guazzaloca piano Amirani AMRN050
Sonata Erronea  Gunda Gottschalk violin & Dusica Cajlan-Wissel piano  acheulian handaxe aha1701
Spinneret Mandhira de Saram violine & Benoît Delbecq piano Confront Records core 06
Unlocked Trio of Uncertainty : Sakoto Fukuda violine, Hannah Marshall cello & Veryan Weston piano  Emanem

Temperamental Category (violin instruments and unequal tuned early keyboard instruments )

Temperament   Jon Rose, violin, tenor violine & Veryan Weston, upright piano, harpsichord, pianofortes, spinet and harmonium. Emanem 4207
Artery  Jon Rose, violin, tenor violin and Bird violin ; Clayton Thomas, double bass & Chris Abrahams pianoforte and harpsichord (plus Clare Cooper, concert harp on 2 tracks)    Now Now Records
Tunes and Tunings  Veryan Weston pianoforte and harpsichord and Jon Rose violin, tenor violin and Bird violin. Hermès (eye & ear) Discorbie HD CD 11  Recorded Brussels 2001-2005.
Tuning Out Veryan Weston organs, Jon Rose violin, tenor violin scordatura, Hardanger fiddle scordatura, Hannah Marshall cello Emanem 5207
Songs’ Recordings  Temperament Project, Jon Rose, violine & Veryan Weston, pianoforte Graf replica. Tracks in Tunes & Tunings.
Live Studio Recording Brussels 2001  Jon Rose, violine and tenor violine & Veryan Weston, pianoforte Graf replica and auth. Broadwood forte. Recording by Michaël W. Huon. Tracks in Tunes and Tunings.
The Bossut Church Organ Concert 2005, Temperament Project, Jon Rose, Bird Violine and violine & Veryan Weston, 18th century Organ of Notre Dame Church of Bossut (tuned Rameau). Exploratory Session dedicated to Johannes Rosenberg. Private Recording by Michaël W. Huon.

Violine String  Symbiotic Category

Grand Duo Maarten Altena, double bass & Maurice Horsthuis, viola. Claxon 82.9
August Steps  Phil Wachsmann, violine & Teppo Hauta Aho, double bass  Bead CDr  2000 special edition 4
The Kryonics   Jon Rose, violine; Aleks Kolkowski, stroh violins & Mathias Bauer double bass   Emanem
Western Front   Carlos Zingaro, violine & Peggy Lee, cello    Hatology
MBEK   Michaël Bisio, double bass & Eyvind Kang, violine   Meniscus
The Juillaguet Collection Kent Carter, double bass & Albrecht Maurer, violin Emanem 4033
Further Lock    Phil Durrant, violine & Alex Frangenheim, double bass    Concepts Of Doing           
E Pericoloso Sporgersi   Gunda Gottschalk, violine  & Peter Jacquemyn   double bass  Volatile 
Live in Pugetville   Malcolm Goldstein, violine & Barre Phillips, double bass  Bab Ili Lef 1 cd          
Angel Gate   Quatuor Accorde : Tony Wren, double bass ; Mark Wastell, cello; Charlotte Hug, viola & Phil Durrant, violine.   Emanem
All Angels  Cranc : Angarhad Davies, violine; Nikos Veliotis, cello & Rhodri Davies, harp   Edo
Drain  Ernesto Rodrigues, violine and viola, Mathieu Werchowski, violine & Guilhermo Rodrigues, cello  Creative Sources
Imaginary Trio  Philip Wachsmann violin Bruno Guastalla cello Dominic Lash contrabass Bead Records CDO8SP
The pursuit of happiness : Sylvia Hallett violin and electronics voice Danny Kingshill cello voice Gus Garside double bass & electronics Emanem 5005
Gocce Stellari   Stellari Quartet : Phil Wachsmann violine Charlotte Hug viola Marcio Mattos cello John Edwards double bass Emanem 5006
Gratuitous Abuse Barrel : Allison Blunt  violin Ivor Kallin violin & viola & Hannah Marshall cello Emanem 5020
Trio Improvisations for campanula, bass & percussion :  Michael Denhoff campanula Ulrich Philipp double bass  Jörg Fischer percussion sporeprint 1408-03  (a/b) 
Paragone d'Archi  Stefano Pastor & Charlotte Hug   Leo 688
Barrel : Live at artfacts Allison Blunt violin Ivor Kallin violin & viola & Hannah Marshall cello Idyllic records IDNO 009
Knottings : Alison Blunt violin Benedict Taylor viola David Leahy double bass recorded during Mopomoso Tour 2013 on Weekertoft cdbox Making Rooms.
eXcavations : Thea Farhadian & Klaus Kürvers Black Copper 002
Elastic : Théo Ceccaldi & Joëlle Léandre  Cipsela Cip 006
Cellos : Ulrich Mitzlaff & Miguel Mira Creative Sources 
Chant : Nuova Camerata Carlos Zingaro violin, João Camões viola, Ulrich Mitzlaff cello, Miguel Leiria Pereira double bass & Pedro Carneiro, marimba Improvising Beings ib 050
Musica In Camera : Quatuor d'Occasion Malcolm Goldstein violin Joshua Zubot violin Jean René alto Emilie Girard Charest cello etcrecords 
Thuya (Québec – Berlin String Trio) Gerhard Uebele Klaus Kürvers Rémy Bélanger de Beauport Creative Sources CS 378 CD
Wood, Wire and Sparks : Strike : Jon Rose violin Mike Majkowski & Clayton Thomas double basses Monotype Records monolp014  
The Octopus : Subzoone : Elisabeth Coudoux Nathan Bontrager Nora Krahl Hugues Vincent, cellos Leo Records
Iridium String Quartet Maria Da Rocha Ernesto Rodrigues Guilherme Rodrigues Miguel Mira Creative Sources CS 350 CD
Im Hellen : Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin String Trio  Harald Kimmig violin Daniel Studer double bass  Alfred Zimmerlin cello hat (now) Art 201
Klinker Company : one track duo of Mark Wastell, cello and Simon H Fell, double bass. Confront Core Series 03.
Vulcan Stellari Quartet Philipp Wachsmann Charlotte Hug Marcio Mattos & John Edwards Emanem 5047
Translated Space David Leahy & Philipp Wachsmann FMR CD539-0519 Beadrecordssp CD-BDSSP14. 

String Groups in Tune
Duo Billy Bang & John Lindberg Anima 
Straight Ahead / Free at Last Leroy Jenkins & Abdul Wadud Red Records 
The Willisau Suites : Kent Carter Trio Carlos Zingaro violin François Dreno viola Kent Carter double bass Emanem 4105
Intersections : Kent Carter Trio Albrecht Maurer violine Catherine Mickiewicz alto Kent Carter double bass Emanem 4130
Henry Crabapple Disappear : In The Sea Joshua Zubot violin Tristan Honsinger cello Nicolas Caiola double bass  self produced

Inside Solo Violine Category

Sounding the Violin Malcolm Goldstein solo  MG 1
Live at Fire in the Valley  Malcolm Goldstein Eremite  MTE016
Neuland   Charlotte Hug, viola      Emanem 4085
Sowari   Phil Durrant, violine & electronics  Acta 10
MauerraumWandraum  Charlotte Hug viola ASM STV
"Im Freien" Harald Kimmig Violin Solo hybrid cd 15
Portraits In Shellac   Aleks Kolkowski violine and shellac discs   ASC
All Angels Concerts   Aleks Kolkowski, violine : one track    Emanem 4209
Chathuna Phil Wachsmann Bead cd 2
Hyperstring Project  Jon Rose, violine : one track in Scordatura   ReR
Life in The Greenhouse Dan Warburton violine Appel Music 01
Transit Check  Benedict Taylor, viola   Cram records Paris 2012
Striations Benedict Taylor subverten 
Monday Sessions  Mia Zabelka violin Creative Sources CS 320
Live at Mosteiro Santa Clara a Velha Carlos Zingaro solo Cipsela 
Pugilism Benedict Taylor solo viola Subverten 
A Purposeless Play Benedict Taylor solo viola Subverten 
Sololos Irene Kepl violin solo FOU Records FR CD 20
7 Steps Ayelet Lerman viola solo Creative Sources CS 386 CD
Myasmo Mia Zabelka Setola di Maiale.
Solo Violin Improvisations Polly Bradfield Parachute P-008

Intersideral & Space Violine String

Slipway to Galaxies   Charlotte Hug, viola, voice, drawings      Emanem 5012
Music for Strings, Percussion & Electronics  ZFP Quartet live in Guimaraes november 2002  Carlos Zingaro violin & electronics Marcio Mattos cello and electronics Simon H.Fell double bass Mark Sanders percussions Bruce's fingers BF 59
Integument  Adam Linson, double bass & Lawrence Casserley live signal processing Psi
Writing in Water  Phil Wachsmann violine and electronics Bead lp 23
Swarm Benedict Taylor viola, violin. 100 layers multitracks recording.
Ahad's Master Garden III (2007-2009) : The Harmonian Blues Zsolt Sörés & the Desert Chaos Trio. Ahad Music for Film Theatre and Dance. Audio Tong and Fourth Dimension Records

Solo Double Bass Category

Journal Violone  Barre Phillips, double bass  LP Music Man 1968 GB issued also as Basse Barre  (Futura Ger 1971) and Journal Violone (Opus One 2 USA)
Camouflage  Barre Phillips , double bass Victo
Journal Violone  Barre Phillips, double bass  Emouvance 1999
Listen   Paul Rogers  Emanem
Statements V-XI   Barry Guy Incus 1976
Handicaps   Maarten van Regteren Altena ICP
Solos In Berlin    Maarten Altena, solo double bass ; Tristan Honsinger solo cello SAJ
Solomuziken Für Posaune Und Kontrabaß Günter Christmann trombone & double bass C/S 5 reissued on Ring Moers 1032 
(Kontrabaß, A3, A7, B1 to B5, B7: 24. und 25.)
Off Günther Christmann double bass  Moers Music 01070
(two tracks : Salute Maestro Bodio, Saitensprünge)
Fizzles    Barry Guy, double basses  Maya           
Was Das Ist   Peter Kowald double bass  FMP
Concerto Grosso   Joëlle Léandre, double bass  Jazzhalo
Urban Bass  Joëlle Léandre, double bass  2Z
live tempera : friendly faces  Simon H.Fell  CD-Extra ArtPart 02 (w Marcus Heesch live tempera)
Xylobiont  John Eckhardt Psi
Cut  Adam Linson Psi
Volume  John Edwards Psi
Being  Paul Rogers (A.L.L. double bass 7 strings w. sympathetic straings) Amor Fati
Mercelis Concert  one track Jean Demey kontrabas solo  Inaudible CD 005
Hoard   Joe Williamson Creative Sources CS 199
The Knife Again Alexander Frangenheim Creative Sources CS 152
SOL(os) Marcio Mattos cello and double bass solos Emanem 5035
Grounds Louis-Michel Marion poème-médiation sur la corde grave
Cinq Strophes Louis-Michel Marion Kadima Collective 
Solo Bass Vol.1 & Vol.2  Matthew Sperry on bandcamp.com
Le Bruit de la Musique Simon H Fell Confront Records ccs 78
talk for a listener Alexander Frangenheim Creative Sources cs 278
Whatever is Not Stone is Light  Damon Smith Balance Point Acoustics BPA-10

Double Basses Symbiotic Family 

Tensid   Ulrich Philipp & Georg Wolf, double basses    Nurnichtnur
Arcus     Barre Phillips & Barry Guy, double basses      Maya
Mirrors - Broken but no Dust  Peter Kowald & Damon Smith  Balance Point Acoustics BPA 001
After You’ve Gone   Barre Phillips, Joëlle Léandre, William Parker, Tetsu Saitoh, double basses   Victo
Suspicious activity  PascAli : Pascal Niggenkemper & Sean Ali Creative Sources CS 213
Rotations Sequoia : Antonio Borghini, Meinrad Kneer, Klaus Kürvers, Miles Perkin Evil Rabbit
ZIP Peter K Frey & Daniel Studer Leo Records

Solitary Cello Works

Sorcier  Violoncelle Seul  Didier Petit  Leo Records CD LR 301 (France 1989 IACP Prod.)
The Mouse that Roared Matt Turner Meniscus
Dialogs  Fred Lonberg- Holm Emanem 4109
SOL(os) Marcio Mattos cello and double bass solos Emanem 5035 
Some Poems Elisabeth Coudoux  Leo Records 
Cascata Guilherme Rodrigues Creative Sources CS CD 676

New Silence early 2000's

Berlin  IST  Rhodri Davies harp Simon H.Fell double bass Mark Wastell cello Confront Records

Conway Hall IST Rhodri Davies harp Simon H.Fell double bass Mark Wastell cello Confront Records
Club Room IST Rhodri Davies harp Simon H.Fell double bass Mark Wastell cello Confront Records

Relative Violine Species

Fringes Benefit  Jon Rose   Entropy Double cd
Double Indemnity  Johannes Rosenberg’s Double Violin  performed by Jon Rose    Heyermears Discorbie HDCD 005
Squall line  Alex Kolkowski, violin, Stroh violin, phonograph & wax cylinder & Ute Wassermann vocal strings and mouth resonator Psi 11.08
Violin Factory  Composition, interactive conductor, midi bow, samples, accelerometer violin Jon Rose & many performers as Kaffe Matthews, Tom Demeyer. Interactive New Media Performance recorded in Vancouver and Vienna december 1999 He(ye)rme(ar)s Discorbie HD CD 001
The Hyperstring Project New Dynamic of Rogue Counterpoint Jon Rose, violine  ReR
Fleisch Jon Rose Hyperstring 2 The Art of Rogue Counterpoint. Solo improvisations for violin and ineractive MIDI powered string samples. MIDI controllers – bow pressure, accelerometers, the three-dimensional pedal and foot pedal board. Saucerlike recordings.

Metal String Plectrum Category

The Next and The Last    John Russell, acoustic guitar Emanem        
Mopomoso Solos  John Russell, acoustic guitar : one track     Emanem
All Angels Concerts 1999-2001     John Russell, acoustic guitar : one track     Emanem
Domestic & Public pieces  Derek Bailey, acoustic guitar, voice : eight tracks   Emanem (lp on Quark 9999 Side A)
Aïda    Derek Bailey, acoustic guitar  Incus 40 lp / Dexter’s Cigar cd
Old Sounds New Sights Derek Bailey Morgue LP , Incus cd 48/49
On cd2, Live in Nagoya.
Drop Me Off at 96th Derek Bailey, acoustic guitar Scätter
Lace    Derek Bailey, acoustic guitar, voice    Emanem
Hyste  John Russell, acoustic jazz guitar –with bridge Psi 10.06
London (East then South) Lauri Hyvärinen & Daniel Thompson acoustic guitars  inexhaustible editions 003 

La Nouvelle Etincelle 1987    Derek Bailey, acoustic guitar, voice  Private recording 48’ Brussels by MW Huon.
Tape existing. Copy cassette’s rough transfer on CDr sent to Karen B.

Bowed and Plucked

Improvisations for Cello and Guitar David Holland & Derek Bailey ECM recorded 1971 in the Little Theatre Club ... where else ?
Figuring Barre Phillips & Derek Bailey Incus
No Waiting Derek Bailey & Joëlle Léandre Potlatch
Occasional Noises  MU : Martine Altenburger cello Jürgen Krusche guitar Ulrich Philipp double bass NurNichtNur CD 103 12 21
Floating Bridges  String Trek : La Donna Smith violin viola voice & Misha Feigin guitar voice balalaika Transmuseq 017 2007
Duet  Martine Altenburger cello  & John Russell, acoustic guitar another timbre  at 27
Home  John Russell & Fred Lonberg-Holm, acoustic guitar and cello rec. at John Russell's home  Peira.
The Complete 15th August Concert  Derek Bailey, acoustic guitar and Simon H Fell double bass Confront ccs 22
Klinker Company : Derek Bailey, guitar  Simon H.Fell, double bass Will Gaines, tap dance & Mark Wastell, cello. Confront Core Series 03 double cd

Fingertips Guitar Species  
Velocity of Hues  Elliott Sharp   Emanem
Extended Plays   Roger Smith, Spanish nylon string guitar Emanem
Unexpected Turns  Roger Smith, Spanish nylon string guitar Emanem
Spanish Guitar  Roger Smith, Spanish nylon string guitar Emanem  reissue lp LMC 1
Green Wood   Roger Smith, Spanish nylon string guitar Emanem
Two Spanish Guitars  Roger Smith & Pascal Marzan Spanish nylon string guitars Emanem 
Translations  John Russell & Pascal Marzan, acoustic guitar duets Emanem 5019

Camouflage Guitar 
A Dimenson of Perfect Ordinary Reality  Keith Rowe guitar on a table + objects and wires etc   Matchless Recordings
Note : this is the alpha and omega of such kind of guitaristic sound manoeuvres recorded at a time when KR wasn’t yet fashionable like he is now among the current scene of guitar noisemakers and laptopists … Fred Frith toured Japan with a similar concept and issued a black cardboard boxed double vinyle album on RER Japan label that I sold when I went out of money in the mid-eighties (sorry Fred !)
Endangered Guitar  Hans Tammen NurNichtNur 1998 (CD in the great NNN metal box)
25.5.1996  Erhard Hirt Mini Cd NurNichtNur  
Thoughts and Feelings Philipp Gibbs Duns Limited Edition DLE 054

Spontaneous Music String Ensemble 

Low Profile  Spontaneous Music Ensemble : Nigel Coombes violin Colin Wood cello Roger Smith guitar John Stevens percussion cornet   Emanem 4031 recordings 1977, 1984, 1988 (Wood 1977 only). The main piece of the 1977 Derby concert is The Only Geezer and American Soldier Shot was Anton Webern.

Biosystem SMENigel Coombes violin Colin Wood cello Roger Smith guitar John Stevens percussion cornet   Incus lp 24 / Psi 06.01 recorded 1977 by Adam Skeaping at Riverside Studios.
Trio and Triangle  Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Orchestra 1981 /1978  Emanem 4150
Spontaneous Music Ensemble : Nigel Coombes violin Roger Smith guitar John Stevens percussion cornet. Newcastle upon Tyne 1978.
New Surfacing  Spontaneous Music Ensemble Nigel Coombes violin Roger Smith guitar John Stevens percussion cornet. Newcastle 1978 & London 1992 (this one being the last session of the SME string issued in Konnex's 4x4x4 CD of Stevens Parker Guy Rutherford)

Violins and Clarinet / Wind etc...

Raw Harald Kimmig violin Daniel Studer double bass & Alfred Zimmerlin cello with John Butcher tenor & soprano saxophone Leo Records

Songs from Badly-Lit Rooms  Benedict Taylor viola and Tom Jackson clarinet Squib Box Gruppen Modulor  SFD : Simon H.Fell double bass & Alex Ward clarinet Bruce Finger's Download

Two Men Walking : Mat Maneri viola & Ivo Perelman tenor sax Leo Records.

Lasting Ephemerals Gianni Mimmo soprano sax & Alison Blunt violin Amirani Records amrn 037 LP & CD
Hidden Bomba Chris Cundy and Benedict Taylor Linear Obsessional Recordings LOR091
Strings 1 Ivo Perelman Mat Maneri Mark Feldman Jason Hwang Leo Records CDLR 850
Strings 2 Ivo Perelman Mat Maneri Hank Roberts Ned Rothenberg Leo Records CDLR 851
VU Alex Ward clarinet and Pascal Marzan ten strings guitar. Copecod

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  1. Kent Carter trio Wilisau Suites with Carlos Zingaro and François Dreno undoubtly because Johannes Rosenberg had once a serious argument with a famous composer with the same family name (Elliott) because JR was performing this composer's Quatuor no 1 in Moldavia using fake scores with his own enlighted creative re-writings of some parts, "relative" instruments and experimental robot performers. Note from Rosenberg 's Archives team.


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