27 février 2012

Some great memorabilia of the Euro Improv scene !

Globe Unity Orchestra 1975 Gérard Rouy 

ICP label flyer 1972
A great time when artists put some advertising/ information leaflets inside their vinyle albums ! 
This one shown here on both sides, i think , is very nice : Han Bennink spontaneous dutch imagery ....  These two leaflets were found in an ICP album issued 40 years ago. Guess which one ....

ICP label flyer 1972 verso

Guess in which album these flyers were found out, please.

Fred Van Hove & Cel Overberghe

Barry Guy Paul Lytton Evan Parker George Lewis january 1983 Picture by I. Seeberg.
Evan Parker Paul Rutherford Kenny Wheeler Barry Guy John Stevens Trevor Watts : Spontaneous Music Ensemble 1966 

already in the early eighties , Eddie performed with "remarkable saxophonists" like his recent recordings on Matchless.
Flyer of the first gigs of John Zorn in Japan handwritten by JZ and re-sent to drummer Sabu Toyozumi who arranged the gigs.....

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