20 février 2015

the Thirty and one piano part I , part II & part III and free fight by Jacques Demierre

the thirty and one pianos , jacques demierre piano (on free fight), composition, conductor.   flexion records :  flex 008 
thirty pianos : recorded live on september 9 , 2012 , cave 12 @ le galpon  geneva switzerland during cataclysme piano , three days of events curated by cave 12 , théâtre le gallon and boxing piano 
free fight edited by jacques demierre from a piano solo concert recorded live on october 15, 2000 , at CCS , paris, france 
etc... http://jacquesdemierre.com/thethirtyandonep.html 

jacques demierre did a great cd with two pieces, titled One Is Land on Creative Sources. the first piece is the biggest noise possible with 88 keys ever committed to record ( I heard ) and the second piece is my favourite recording of piano innards - carcass of strings machine in front of which many practitioners look like idiots...

so I got from Jacques D this recording of thirty pianos ( dirty ? , thirsty...) yes thirsty ... on this micro label flexion on which are issued some accordion player jonas kocher recordings with michel doneda ( fortunately ) 

the first piece is one of the craziest thing you could hear like giant distuned distorted harp as anything else you can't believe after decades of free music it is very fortunate one is thinking about that 
so it is great like were the two paul's duetting in the early eighties in a dusty gallery or derek acoustic strums in the middle of the night in a small place ... or maarten bowing like mad ... 

the second piece is an eternal wave waving minimal droning as nothing else 

the third piece is scraping scratching thirty sound boxes like madnesses and some plucking notes here and where ...

you can't even not listening to jacques' piano piece afterwards 

thirsty we are for such events , noises moving to silence 

the free fight ostinato string machine  (recorded 2000 at CCS Paris)

cage is cage and forget all you read about random 
and hear the 14 minutes of noise playing , fingerings hammerings 
kontrapunkt soundbox klank wave    limitless boundless

the one piano piece is such the best piece like gentle harm and was it me and saxophone solos and journal violone were...

great and amazing   14:08    i do prefer them than 4:33  

the very best   :  nothing else like this before, more is no more less 

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