9 janvier 2020

Ivo Perelman meets Phil Minton - JM Van Schouwburg - Phil Wachsmann - Benedict Taylor -

Sunday 26 Jan and Tuesday 28 Jan 7PM Hundred Years Gallery 13 Pearson str. London E2 8JD

Brazilian tenor sax Ivo Perelman meets singers Phil Minton & Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg to develop a new trio before to make a recording. As Ivo Perelman loves to play with string players other sets will occur of Ivo with violinist Phil Wachsmann, cellist Marcio Mattos (from Stellari Quartet fame) violist Benedict Taylor , double bass player David Leahy (26/8) and French ten string guitarist Pascal Marzan. They will also make another recording session at Dave Hunt studio. Ivo Perelman is coming from NYC specially to share this musical experience with some great London improvisers among the very best.

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