9 janvier 2020

Ivo Perelman meets Phil Minton - JM Van Schouwburg - Phil Wachsmann - Benedict Taylor - Marcio Mattos - David Leahy - Pascal Marzan

Sunday 26 Jan and Tuesday 28 Jan 7PM Hundred Years Gallery 
13 Pearson str. London E2 8JD . Wednesday 29th 8PM the Verdict / Safehouse , Brighton

Now : an album in donation for Hundred Years Gallery recorded during Ivo Perelman residency : https://hundredyearsgallery.bandcamp.com/album/strings-voices-project

Brazilian tenor sax Ivo Perelman meets singers Phil Minton & Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg to develop a new trio before to make a recording. As Ivo Perelman loves to play with string players other sets will occur of Ivo with violinist Phil Wachsmann, cellist Marcio Mattos (from Stellari Quartet fame) violist Benedict Taylor , double bass player David Leahy (26 only) and French ten-string guitarist Pascal Marzan. Ivo Perelman is coming from NYC specially to share this musical experience with some great London improvisers among the very best. Minton Perelman & Van Schouwburg performed a much loved concert at The Verdict in Brighton on the 29th.
They make three recording session at Dave Hunt studio : trio Minton - Perelman - Van Schouwburg / Duo Pascal Marzan & Ivo Perelman / Quintet Perelman - Wachsmann - Taylor - Mattos - Marzan for 105 '.
Videos at HYG : Philipp M - Ivo - J-M : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhD75TVZxl0 
             Benedict - Ivo - David : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNrtEvPr2u4&t=914s

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