9 décembre 2015

Best albums of free jazz and other great improvised music recordings of the year 2015

Of course, my very fist list contained my 15  favourite free - improvised music recordings of 2015. 
Here, I have listed my best listenings of some new albums of so called free jazz and the other great free improvising discs for the year 2015.

NOUTurn Bobby Bradford and John Carter Quintet live in Pasadena 1975 Dark Tree Records

Callas Ivo Perelman & Matt Shipp Leo Records double 

Hommage to Coltrane Paul Dunmall and Tony Bianco Slam double

Hear Now A Film by Mark French Trevor Watts Veryan Weston John Edwards Mark Sanders DVD FMR

the thirty and one pianos  Jacques Demierre piano (on free fight), composition, conductor  flexion records :  flex 008 

John Cuny & Hugues Vincent tagtraum Improvising beings ib42

Axel Dörner  & Itaru Oki  Root Of Bohemian  Improvising beings ib36 

Wind Makes Weather The Mirror Unit Tim O'Dwyer & Georg Wissell Creative Sources CS311

Berlin Kinesis WTTF Quartet Phil Wachsmann Roger Turner Pat Thomas Alexander Frangenheim Creative Sources CS 313CD.

Dada Han Bennink & Sabu Toyozumi Chap-Chap POCS 9351 

Paul Lytton and Phil Wachsmann Imagined Time Bead records

Paul Lytton & Nicola Hein Nahezu Nicht Creative Sources 

Jean-Luc Petit Matière des souffles Improvising Beings ib27

Books : 
Jazz Beyond Plink, Plonk and Scratch: The Golden Age of Free Music in London 1966-72 eBook: Trevor Barre
"anyway why Maggie Nicols was not included in the "first generation" of London improvisors ?"

Various Comprovisations Julius Fujak text on music and semiotics PDF Book in CD with audio tracks Hevhetia 

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