8 décembre 2015

Year 2015's 15 albums of free improvised music

This is my list of my favourite albums - listenings - of free improvisation from 2015.

Simon Rose & Stefan Schulze Ten Thousand of Things Red Toucan RT 

Clinamen Trio  Décliné Jacques Di Donato / Philippe Berger / Louis-Michel Marion. Creative Sources

876 trio + Otto Sette Sei. Matthias Boss/ Marcello Magliocchi / Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg + Roberto Del Piano + Paolo Falascone on 2 tracks. Improvising Beings 

Hunt At the Brook Tom Jackson / Benedict Taylor / Daniel Thompson  FMR

Tuning Out Jon Rose / Hannah Marshall / Veryan Weston Emanem 5207

In the Staring Town  Lisa Ullén - Torsten Müller Creative Sources

Radio Tweet Birgit Ulher & Ute Wassermann Creative Sources

? !  Paul Lytton Solo Pleasure Of The Text 

Carlos Zingaro  solo  Live at Mosteiro de Santa Clara a Velha Cipsela 

Guylaine Cosseron Xavier Charles Frédéric Blondy Rhrr…

Michel Doneda solo Everybody Digs Michel Doneda Relative Pitch

Counterpoint Ivo Perelman Mat Maneri Joe Morris Leo Records

Sculptures of Wires and Drifts Hans Kaersten-Raecke and Lawrence Casserley

Conway Hall   IST  Rhodri Davies Simon H Fell Mark Wastell Confront

Not yet issued on Bead Records : Garuda of Phil Wachsmann and Lawrence Casserley 

Reissues :
Evan Parker solo Monoceros & The Snake Decides on Psi
Derek Bailey and Anthony Braxton Duo (Wigmore Hall Concert 1974 ) on Emanem.
There will be a section of jazz libre and also More Great Free Improvising albums 2015 soon !!

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